Friday, January 30, 2009

100 things.... HERE WE GO!

1.I am addicted to q-tips, gotta have them! I will literally use a toothpick and toilet paper if I can't find one.
2.I told Tomas that I loved him First.
3.I love music, I get chills listening to certain songs.
4.I am constantly quoting movies.
5.I have to fall asleep to tv. And its usually the same show over and over, Dan in real life for over 3 months. EVERY NIGHT
6.I have have to sleep with my pillow and body pillow. It drives Tomas nuts!
7.I have been on anti depression medication for 3 months now.
8.I Love Bread! Taking off the crust and putting it into a wad and then eating it!
9.I want to get a Breast Lift, and augmentation.
10.I love InStyle magazine.
11.I am scared that Tomas may cheat on me, I always check his text's. He hates it but puts up with me.
12.I don't need the Temple in my life anymore.
13. You shouldn't learn from others mistakes, your not them. Let your hand get burned on that stove then you know for yourself its HOT!
14.I have the wierdest nose, I can bend it every which way. In half even
15. I love dirty Novels...
16. I broke 5 records in High School for swimming, 3 are still there one is now over ten years old.
17. I cheated all through High School. My girls will need a tutor down the road with homework.
18. Channa got me addicted to toast with Peanut Butter and sugar on it.
19.I love Eminem, his music is unreal.
20.I broke my arm while riding my bike taking Jason Holland home.
21.I had to write 500 sentences in 5th grade, saying I will not chew gum or candy in Mrs. Harpers class.
22.My first time drinking was on my 21st birthday.
23.I was sitting talking with Jen about wanting to get away from everything, and 5 days later I moved to Hawaii.
24.I read Pinkalicious to Halle every night before she goes to bed.
25.I tripped and broke Reese's femur bone. She had to have a cast.
26.In junior high I got locked in the girls locker room, in a LOCKER! LITERALLY.
27.I have been called on stage in assembly's with magicians several times. 2nd grade, 7th, grade and 11th grade.
28.I totaled my first car.
29.I joined the track team because of Dan Richards, Nate Taylor, and Derrick Lee. LOL
30.When we found out Tomas was getting deployed and had to get married within the next 2 weeks we had sex!
31.I got baptized at Crystal Springs.
32.My first job was at Crystal Springs.
33.I hate strawberry flavoring anything, but I life Strawberries.
34.Every house I lived in at college there was 6 or more girls.
35.I lie about stupid stuff, that doesn't even matter.
36.I've never gone past 1 day without seeing Reese and Halle.
37.I could eat pizza every night.
38.I bite my nails and stick the nail through my front teeth, such a bizarre habit
39.I've seen a Porno and it was awful!!
40.Me and Tomas's first kiss was on Christmas.
41.I am allergic to cheap jewelry.
42.My dad got full custody of me as a baby, after my parents divorce.
43.I could watch tv all day long.
44. I need a nap during the day, its been awhile since I've had that.
45.The last 3 times I have rode a horse I have been Bucked the HEll off!
46.My tongue is allergic to tons of things it swells up all the time, ya I keep eating those things anyways.
47.I had horrible postpartum depression after Halle.
48.I haven't had a car for over 4 months now, walking is getting so old!
49.I've been punched in the face by some huge Tongan Chic at a club. Fell right to the floor.
50.I always tip over 35%
51.I don't want another child for 5 more years.
52.I think I can be 75% Mormon.
53. I've saved several children from Drowning at the Brigham outdoor pool.
54. I sleep talk like a crazy person, I wake up screaming thinking bugs are crawling all over me, Tomas is getting use to it and either ignores me or has to get me to lay back down because I am standing on our bed banging a pillow against the wall trying to kill the bugs.
55.I've wished I was a Vampire...
56.I wish I was a better mother
57.If someone offered me some kind of drug to lose weight I would take it :) sorry chan.. lol
58.I love learning about wine.
59.I have some of the best friends anyone has ever had!
60.Sometimes I wish I was 18 again, knowing what I know now.
61.I slept on the couch almost every night in the duplex, because it smelled like this boy, and I just got use too it.
62.My Grandpa is really sick and will probably die this year and it will be a first for me. All of My Grandparents are alive, family, extended family, I've never really experienced death first hand.
63.I saw Twilight 3 times in the theaters.
64.I would love to live in a Big City.
65.Me and Tomas love Disney movies.
66.Reese is my Best Friend.
67.I love going 80's dancing.
68.I got mastitis this year and its the worst pain I have felt so far in my life.
69.We have lived in our house for over a year and still don't have blinds.
70.I have no Credit Card debt. :)
71.I've never needed braces and my teeth are super straight.
72.I hate my moles and will remove them when I have the money. Not on my face though.
73.Me and Tomas haven't been on a vacation together just us yet.
74.I swear to much.
75.My Friends worry about me with the whole church situation.
76.I don't want Jules Vern to move back to Oregon.
77.I can beat Tomas at Racquetball just not Channa.
78.I boxed in the Street with Marci Stuart in High School, and the cops came lol.
79.I will go on vacation to Turtle Island! That's in Fiji!!
80.I don't think there are accidents, things happen for Reasons.
81.I wish Tomas was out of the Army.
82.Reese's first word was Mom.
83.Halle's first word was Dad.
84.I am so glad I will not be Pregnant for the Summer.
85.I wish we had music in our lives playing, like on the Hills. Sad music plays when we are sad or mad, happy upbeat music when we are happy.. Ya know!! LOL
86.I wish my mother in law would do lunch with me sometimes.
87.If Tomas dies I will not get remarried.
88.I've held Reese in my arms and cried till I fell asleep with her in my arms.
89.I wasn't afraid of Heights till after I had children.
90.I miss Driving with my music Blaring!!
91. Tomas worries more about the girls doing things like sledding and climbing things, than I do.
92.If I won the Lottery, I would pay for all my closest friends and family to go on some exotic vacation.
93.I want my girls to have beautiful weddings.
94.I want to go back to college.
95.IF me and Tomas died today I would want Reese and Halle to go live with Gabe and Kish.
96.I love Vegetarian Vegetable Cambells soup.
97.I still have my Christmas tree up! So lame I know
98.Umm I am sick of typing lol
99. I wish Tomas was Home I hate that he works such a crazy schedule. Sometimes up at four for a shift and sometimes home at 2 after a shift! IT sucks
100.I'd rather try and Fail, then not try at all!

Wow! Thats a long won!! BUt I did it hooray!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 going on 20!!

So Reese is obsessed with getting ready when I get ready, she loves to shower with me and fake shave her legs and wash her body, she HAS to use the Lufa.. And So I decided to do her hair straight its super curly and I just wanted to do it for her since she wouldn't stop whining "Mommy my hair, my hair" and when I was done straightening it I was a little shocked at how long its gotten! And how much older she is looking. Where is my Baby? I really think I am done with 2! Maybe one more when they are in school, so at least 5 years too go, and as happy as I am to watch her learn and grow, that maternal gene kicks in and I want the little nine pounder to cuddle and snuggle! :) The only time I get to hold Halle now like a baby is when I get her out of the bath, I swaddle her up in the towel and she lets me hold her like that for awhile and I do. I hold her and walk around for a while just rocking her and snuggling her! I do miss that!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So I knew our 4 year anniversary was coming up in February. But until my Friend Lille sent me these pictures it hadn't clicked that its been 4 years... Who Knew LOL! This past year has been the Fastest year of my life I think, it just Flew by, I mean Halle is going to be 1 next month too. NUTSO! It really seems like yesterday up in Logan Tomas asking if I wanted to go for a walk... And now 2 beautiful girls later here we are! Still learning and growing together.

Also My hair is ROCKSTAR blonde right now! Its weird too see us both with Jet Black Hair! And that Skinny! Blah I never thought (K I am skinny) but I look at these pictures and I would give anything to be that small.. okay okay not anything because I still can't give up coke, chips, pizza! Blah I love food!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay this book came out before I was married and Tomas was pretty in to me lol so I never really read the book but heard alot about it and its written by the guy who wrote Sex and the City so of course it will be full of witty endless banter. But the movie is coming out in Feb and its got a STUNNER CAST so of course I was excited too see it. But re watching the previews its starting to scare the shit out of me a tad!!! Why you question, Because one of the main plots is about a girl who falls for a Married Man, and We get too see alot from her head, and she says " Am I just suppose to let love go" OKay she is really falling for this married guy, who was just nice to her in a grocery store letting her go ahead with her one item! THAT WAS IT!!! Blah! So it got me thinking what if the love of your life was MARRIED!!! Would you keep pursuing it until the man either Told you too get lost, or left his wife? Us Married women have lost a bit of the sparkle we once had, I mean they got us, the chase is up! And I know that coming home to a wife in sweats running after kids all day is not sexy! And most of you Happily Married Women traded in your Victoria Secrets for Garments, again they are not sexy! LOl And don't let the Hubbies try and fool you by saying they are! ;) So anyways back to my point! I told Tomas I was Scared too death that some girl may come along and be super sexy and intriguing and new and she may get too know you whether from work, the gym, chance meeting at a supermarket when your nice husband lets a cute girl go first! Oh Hell!! And she may fall in love with you, Tell you she is your soul mate, She knows you are married but yet she still will not back off, AT LEAST THIS IS HOW THE MOVIE IS GOING. You've seen it Scarlett Johannsen gets Buck Naked in front of him and jumps in a pool. There are girls out there I think with great morals, but just think that they found the loves of there life even if they are married? I just hope this movie doesn't lead girls or the public in General to think that Married Men can still be your SoulMate! If that's how it ends then it makes me very sad to think some girl out there would try and Break the Relationship that Me and Tomas fought very hard for, Through Pregnancy, being broke and sick! Because Tomas is a cute, fun, nice guy! I mean he is going to be around single attractive girls for the rest of our lives, I can't keep them all away, believe me I have tried! LoL Anyways sorry for venting, I just get a pit in my stomach every time I see that preview! What do you guys think? Is it okay for Married Men to have women for Friends? What can us Wives do too bring some magic back? Would you left your husband go if some other girl fell in love with him? Blah

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Sunday, January 18, 2009

WANNA BE ON TOP????????????

So I watched the Oxygen Marathon AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL all day today and Loved It!!! Mostly because Lauren Brie's photos were unreal. But her personality was way way flat so she got the boot. But then Samantha's and Aredial or however you spell it, pictures were phenomenal as well! The Hot air Ballon so just WOW I MEAN WOW!!! Just love this show!

This picture is just unreal!

As is this one! Why couldn't she have a freaking personality! Blah

But then Sam started getting these great shots, to bad she didn't win, I like Mckey but Samanatha was always so cute and fun..

I loved this one too so Rad!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay Today I hate the dog...
Me and Kish and the girls went and got some lunch at the OG, and we came home too this bloody mess!!! DAMN DOG! Sheese...

This is what happens when Tomas gets out of line with me! LOL
At first glance it looks like he is wearing Eye shadow so funny.

Reese being a little Goof Troop! She loves me shoes.

Cute Halle!

Tomas had some Friends over to play poker. Ya, me and Tomas and Jared all lost!!!
Nate is too good!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I sometimes have a love hate relationship with Swoop... Today is a love :) The girls were on the porch and swoop was running out some energy outside. And this guy came right up to my front porch. I didn't have time to grab the girls and just get inside. He came out of nowhere, but as he was approaching us he was slurring words like "do you know where this Hotel is"? I was like "no I don't!" he was about to ask something else when Swoop came around the Corner and started barking at this guy hair on her back standing up, she looked very intimidating, he took one look at her and immediately walked away! Now Swoop is not ever like that she is a big Goof Troop!:) nerd of a dog, so clumsy and nice to everyone but it was like she sensed my agitation and was right there to protect!!! I love ya Swoop (well sometimes) lol

Also I did something I have never done the other night! I SANG KARAOKE... I know your thinking with my personality it would be no problem for me! But I have never done it and I was so nervous, Liquid encouragement helped! ;) I sang BENNIE AND THE JETS by Elton John and I sucked it up! But it was so much fun, It was at the HUKA BAR! Way fun place. It brought me and Jules back to our Duplex in Ogden when our neighbors would always smoke Huka, they were from Saudi Arabia big traditional thing for them! But I'd never tried it, Its like Flavored Tobacco! Singing Karaoke has always been something I've wanted to do. I can cross that off my list now!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So yes Miss Spears is making her comeback concert Tour and it will for sure be AMAZING!!! The PussyCat Dolls are The Opening Act so it will be A FREAKING GREAT CONCERT!! Me and Keira are for sure going and you can buy the tickets up to eight at a time! So let me or her know if you wanna go! The Seats Range from 70 to 1650 bucks YIKES I KNOW start saving now! :) I am sure there will be tons of you going and it will be a blast! Hopefully I'll see ya there!!! ROCK ON! PS Tomas is letting me spend 100 big ones too go! So plan on spending around that for the tickets!!! ITS APRIL 14TH

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So me and Tomas brought the New Year in with the girls and Jules, kinda low key, But Reese loved staying up late, Halle didn't make it, but on News Years day me and Tomas went to the Anniversary Inn and stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson room, super fun! And we got a late check out and slept in and had Breakfast in bed, a great way to bring in the New Year if you ask me! ;)

Also My quote for the Year for me and Tomas is from "The Mexican"!


Thursday, January 1, 2009