Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ya'll can just BITE ME (no Pun intended)

TWILIGHT MOM'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOVE THIS)

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight? Is your house a disaster with piles of piles of laundry in every corner and stacks of dirty dishes at record breaking heights? Have you imagined your husband is a vampire (or werewolf) and suddenly have the libido of newlywed again? Do you convince yourself that “cold cereal” makes a perfectly wholesome dinner? Is the pizza delivery boy now on your Christmas card list? Are your children free to run a muck as long as no one comes too you bleeding . . .(too badly)? Oh, you feel guilty, but that’s not enough! You still can’t tear yourself away from the book and damned be the consequences! The good new is- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Fans of the Twilight Series in OUR STAGE of life (whether you’re a mom or not) now have a place where we can gather unashamed of our irrational obsession with vampires and werewolves. We have a place where “our kind” can relate without having to wade through all the teenage Internet code mumbo jumbo like “OMG!!! IMHO Edward is sooo Hawt!!!” (usually a dead giveaway that you should be doing your social studies homework for 3rd period instead of playing on the computer.) FYI, it was a group of 14/15 year olds that “changed” me. However, OUR world of balancing family, work, home, marriage AND…our Twilight obsession is unique, fun, and oh, so very humorous. The personal stories and experiences I’ve heard and read from women all over the world are a blast. YOU LADIES ROCK!!! …and “Twilight Moms” is dedicated to YOU!!!

(Anyways I found that and I don't feel that bad about my obsession anymore!)

So most who know me or knew me when I was on the Prowl for guys, all Know I have an obsession with Guys mouths and mannerisms, seriously I liked guys that chewed there gum a certain way we would be just sitting chillen and chattin and I would clue into there Mouths... Jaw lines very important and lip movements, This is why I will always Be obssesed with Brad Pitt forever (that damn jaw) GEEZ!!! (funny me and Amy were talking about his jaw the other day) anyways Jackson Rathborne he plays Jasper Hall in TWILIGHT his mouth is amazing WOW!!!!! Watch this clip if your someone who likes mouth mannerisms and you will fall for him as well, This just makes me more excited for the Movie now! And his voice is ROCKIN as well sounds very Eminem to me ( yes I like him too) but now Not only is there Edward who has grown on me very nicely but Jaspers Bloody mouth is FREAKING HOTTT!!!!!!!!!! Going to go take a cold shower now! lol

Monday, September 29, 2008


So Papa and Grandma came down to visit on Sunday, it suck that they are so far away but Reese loves it when they come and hang out, THey bought her a riding horse and she is ready to go ride the Real ones with Papa :) THey Got some really cute outfits as well, Thanks mom and dad...

Well Hi :)

Swoops ears are almost finished, she gets 5 days with no tape on and then 5 more days with it on, And they look great...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quirks, Womens Conference, and Stupid!

I got Tagged love it! Thanks April

Defination of quirk:n.1. A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy: "Every man had his own quirks and twists" Harriet Beecher Stowe.

1. I cannot go Longer than three or four days without using a Q tip! I literally clean my ears everyday, If I can't find a Q tip I will use a Toothpick and Toilet Paper! And Tomas hates when I clean them next to him. lol

2. I hate Drinking out of Plastic! Hate it! Has to be a Glassy Glass :) Got that from my dad...

3. My food cannot touch my other food on my plate! AT ALL!!! I am the girl at Homecomings or Reunions and Partys with 3 plates!

4. I Cannot fall asleep without the tv on. Thanks Heavens for the Person who invented the 60 min Sleep.

5. Everytime I shower I shave my arms, I have been doing it for so long that I don't know if my hair will grow back.

6. When I get nervous or just bored I bite my fingernails off and then push the nail Through my front teeth! And push it back and forth, My mom tried to get me too stop but I couldn't, I don't even realize I am doing it anymore, and suprise suprise I don't have a gap :)

Me and Jules Vern went to the Olive Garden today and the WOmens General Confernce was being held and a lot of women came to the Olive Garden and ate before they went, And they were SO FREAKING RUDE to the Servers, to my husband, Making insane demands like " I CANNOT HAVE OLIVE OIL ON ANYTHING" uh hello lady you are at an Italian Restaurant! Talk about the Double Standard with some of these women, Your going to be uplifted, feel the spirit and learn about being a better mother, person yada yada, and your a total BITCH to people I don't get it! Leave a Restaurant literally yelling at this poor Server who is trying to accomadate your crazy demands, And then head to Womens Confrence, feeling like your such a great Mother person whatever because you took time out to go listen to our General Authoritys! And it wasn't just one or two women it was almost every other table that was being so difficult and Just plain Rude! Just pissed me off, I have a long ways too go with things in my life and I Really look up to these women who have the faith and understanding that our church demands like going to Womens Confernce, trying to be a better person, being kind, caring and thoughtful to others, but Tonight These women were saying "no YELLING" one thing and being another, And I will never look up to those kind of Women even if she is the Relief Society President!!! Sorry Tomas he had such a crappy Night gettin Hell from 100 some odd women.

And a little side note... Reese has picked up the word STUPID. And its funny with all the words that I say Stupid isn't one of them, lol! I am getting better with the swearing though, or really putting forth a great effort. I was combing her hair the other night, she hates it, Tomas was holding her down and she looks at me and yells "STOP IT STUPID" I just stared at her in shock and from Tomas's face he was also shocked, I said "WHAT THE HELL DID SHE JUST SAY" LOL LOL And we just laughed. I say shit damn and Hell way too much but STUPID is what she picks up on, GEEZ!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So Tomas was gone to army this weekend and I was bored, Yes I know its just an excuse, I truly need Twilighters Anonymous!!!!!!! LOL ( TURN OFF MY MUSIC)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Swoop is doing incredibly well, The ear cropping is going really well, Tommorrow she gets the stitches out, and we put the Posts in to get them to stand STRAIGHT UP! She is very happy to get the Bloody Cone off!

Miss Halle Jay is sitting up all on her own now, its funny how she went from baby to Child in the blink of an eye, she understands alot and loves to clap her hands together...

Smiths is having that big sale for kid stuff like construction paper and all sorts of fun bath crayons and things, I bought her a big coloring book and she loves it!

Tonight we had BLT'S, I haven't had one forever and FREAK they are so so good!! LOVE EM! And THE OFFICE SEASON 4 just came out and me and Tomas just love it! I laugh everytime I watch it. This is one of my favorite parts, "the dinner party", iyou watch the show Than you may pee your pants cuz steve carrell and Melora Hardin are insanely funny in this scene, if you haven't watched The office RENT IT!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


First Off Money doesn't make the world go ROUND... Rather it makes you do loop de loops, Go Forward Flip over Backwards, makes you dizzy and so crazy!!!! And no matter how much you make, why does it seem like never enough sometimes. I never really learned to save the way you should, I always seem to be a paycheck to paycheck kinda gal and I can say I dragged the hubby down to my bad habits, During our three short years we have gotten better, but I don't just want to get better I want to get AHEAD!! Which Requires sacrafice! Which is so hard, Some people save every damn penny they have and never really live, others spend every penny they have and a few they found on the ground and go out of control. There never seems to be a good balance either your broke as a joke or you got money to burn!!!! I try and be happy with what I have and feel blessed for all that I do get... But give me break that gets old after a few missed payments somewhere.. LOL Anyways just needed to vent a little and remember that Me and Tomas are really young, there is lots ahead of us and we really are blessed for the job that Tomas has, and even if it is Freaking Ramen Noodles Mon Wed and Fri ;) I need to be gratful I have even that!!! That being said anyone feeling lucky and wanna Roll to Wendover? Hmmm LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Luis and Shelby got married on Friday and now all the brothers are married off ;) Jet is the only one left, her wedding will be a new experince for us all having the Bride be On our side! We had such a nice day, The weather was perfect, and the Reception was so pretty and very well put together. CONGRATS SHELBS AND LU! MUCH LOVE!

Ah young love, She waited his whole mission, didn't date at all! And he proposed 4 days after being home, crazy some may say, but he is not the only brother to that, Gabe and Kish did the same thing and they are expecting there 4th kid and happy as can be. So proof baby!

Not all the brothers and families could be here which sucked but so good to see, Teo and Becky and there boys, Reese loves her cousins, and Gabe and Miguel came and it was fun to hang with them for the short time.

Daddys little Girl!

I loved the lawn it was connected with several other houses and no fences and it just makes it really nice, no privacy obviously so for those who like to Hot tub Naked this setup wouldn't be the best. ;)

And Don't wear Heels if you know the reception will be on a lawn not good for the Jimmy Choos!!

Halle really liked this swing, I need to take her to the park before our warm weather is gone. Reese did a backflip off the swing and was not a happy camper!

Reese also had like six little boy followers, she would run to the swing set and back to the snadbox and they would all follow her, it was cute she loves the boys.

Jessie And Miguel love her hair, and Miguel's family couldn't all come out they live in Michigan he is a plummber out there. But they are coming for Christmas Yay
Weddings are such a fun time, I love being around family, I really wish wel all lived a little closer! But we had a great day!

Weddings are such a fun time, I love being around family, I really wish wel all lived a little closer! But we had a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So if you need a little laugh today, perhaps a little boost... Go to my Friend Taylee and Paul's page, This is Freaking Hilarious! Sorry I dont know how to do a link thing. her link is under Only the Coolest.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So Great Danes ears don't just stand up high by themselves, its a surgery that has to be done to get them looking like that, "Ear Cropping" or "Docking" and I happen to love the look of the Great Dane not the look of an oversized lab... We were not going to do it with Swoop this time around because it cost a lot to have this done but by some luck our neighbor is a vet and her clinic totally hooked us up! The doc that did it has been doing them for years and he did a really good job... These pictures are right when she got home, so they do look pretty bad but I am excited to show the progress she will make. SHe has to have the stitches in for ten days and wear the E collar for about 15 days, mostly to keep her from licking and scratching her suters, and Keep Reese away from them, Last night she was not a happy camper but today she is back to her old self except her depth perception is off a tad cuz she can't see the things to the sides of her. She is such a Pretty dog and already weighs 40 pounds and she is almost 4 months! I love having her around! Anyways nore pictures to come of her healing and progress.

She won't get this big this is a male but here is how her ears will look in several weeks.

Monday, September 8, 2008

80'S NIGHT!!!

Wow, is all I gotta say ;)WE had so so much fun!! We all got decked out and headed to Area 51 and danced the night away. I forgot how much I love to get dressed up and go out, but things have changed. 1 My body was so Freaking sore the next day. 2 Reese and Halle woke up at the but crack of Dawn and we finally got to bed around three. 3 When Tomas and Jared get together they bring out the craziness in eachother :) THey would say HEY HEY to everyone that was dancing by them and act like they were best friends with everyone... They both maybe stopped dancing twice, on the way home Jared was yelling out the window too people who were on there phone texting " hey there is no Texting in the 80's" I laughed all night long! And Nate's costume was the best ever oh my word it was great!!! Anyways way fun to bring out that funky teenager side every once in awhile! ROCK ON!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So I got on Stephenie Myers website and if you go there you will see that 12 Chapters of Midnight sun got leaked onto the Internet!!! And She posted them for us to read, and can I just say I think it may be my favorite... I loved Edwards point of view I laughed out loud several times, ITS AMAZING, But Stephenie is so sad about it getting leaked that she has decided not too finish it And THAT KILLS ME! Does someone know how to get ahold of her email somehow her offical website has nada and her myspace isn't any help either!!! She needs to Finish this it is to good!!! I am not even embarresed to say how much I love these books and that I love escaping into the Twilight Universe quite often, she was really excited about this book and you can tell by her writing that she loved writing this... SOMEONE SOMEWHERE NEEDS TO TALK HER INTO FINISHING MIDNIGHT SUN!!! She stops right before the Medow Scene, one of my most favorite moments and too see it from Edwards percepective is something I want too Read!! Freak So bummed out! WE GOTTA RALLY TOGETHER AND GET IN CONTACT LOL WITH HER LOL LOL


ITs true I love this movie clip it sucks cuz its from another camera but still the way Edward Looks at Bella when he see's she's been hurt is amazing... Robert Pattison continues to look more and more edward too me, at first I was like oh blah, they got it all wrong, but as we get too see little clips and pictures he is Becoming Edward quite nicely... Some more fun pictures as well.. :)

Some more fun pictures as well.. :)