Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well here we are. The Chino's :)
We are surviving. We just moved to the big city right before Christmas and We really do love it here.. Salt lake has lots of fun things too do and tons of great Restaurants. PF Changs and the Melting Pot are my Favorites so far! Tomas enjoys his new job this Olive Garden is diffrent from Layton and Riverdale its more of business lunch type atmosphere and at night they are either slammed cuz of a Jazz game or Concert or dead slow! :) But the General Manager there is Great her name is Mary and she took all the managers out with there families and took us to the Cheesecake Factory and really spoiled us. Tomas is really trying to move into the Culinary manager postion that will be opening up when the American Fork OG is done. Me and Reese hang out at the house a lot but when it warms up there are parks and tons of actvities, we love Hogle Zoo and The indoor Pool in Sugar House. :) I am hopefully getting started on Feb 22 HOORAY!! But we will See the new IHC hospital is amazing and I am so gald that my Doctor is willing to come down here and deliver the baby. All in all things are great!

As I was searching for pictures for this thing, its nuts to think that three years ago we were making out in PARKING LOTS!! Lol Now its me yelling Tomas unlock the door, unlock the door, and my Prego Butt Trying not to slip and getting Reese out of the cold and having to buckle her in. And Smash all the Groceries in! :) Ah Life!