Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrating 12 years!

Hello, friends it has been a long time. The honest truth is I never could remember my password and couldn't delete it. I have so much to share and this blog spot is where I will humbly by the bold Grace of God share my story.

Tonight of all nights is the night before I got married 12 years ago, I was filled with anticipation to marry Tomas. Tomas was my first. I was virgin when I met him and he's still the only man I've ever had sexual intercourse with. I enjoy telling my children this, about mom & dad. Our marriage has been at war from the start. Literally & Figurtively. We met at Denny's restaurant through a close friend and I still have the clothes we were wearing in a drawer somewhere. Those that know me understand I have a memory for detail. I could walk you to the bench and sit down where I first met him. It was short and brief he was in a serious relationship and had just gotten home from an LDS mission, and I watched him maintain as deep blows to the mind penetrated  his facial expressions. It was pain, yet he hung up and jumped right back into the lively conversation of the happenings of Living  Scriptures where me and his friend worked, convincing him to join our rag team. I hopped in my new car to drive home and he had the attention of my thoughts, I'm a front and center thinker. Did I dream of him that first night only the God and perhaps the angels. I know the demons saw. And they were so patient. They saw me standing in my wedding dress getting a phone call that my young husband would be deploying, patient they were and this blog that you stumbled upon was when my husband got deployed again to Afghanistan in 2008. As we sat this morning and played chess, a small coffee in my hand and the word in my heart . I sat astounded. I fell to my knees in worship on my kitchen floor when he left to go take donuts to our sweet Halle Jay for her 9th birthday at school. I could almost hear the angels singing Glory, to the light of the world. I joined them, and I will never stop.

Sincerely Social,
Jayci 💜🙋🏼