Thursday, July 31, 2008


You can only type *One Word!*Not as easy as you might think. It's really hard to only use one word answers. You can only type one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE
2. Where is your significant other? COUCH
3. Your hair? BORING!!!
5. Your favorite thing? SLEEP
6. Your dream last night? EDWARD :) :) :)
7. Your dream/goal? HAPPY
8. The room you're in? MESS :(
9. Your hobby? LOL
10. Your fear? CRIME
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!
12. Where were you last night? BED :)
13. What you're not? DEBTFREE
15. One of your wish list items? HONEYMOON
16. Where you grew up? HONEYVILLE
17. The last thing you did? COMFORT
18. What are you wearing? TANK
19. Your TV? MISTAKE!
20. Your pets? MANY :)
21. Your computer? TABLE
22. Your life? CONTENT
23. Your mood? TIRED
24. Missing someone? MYSELF
25. Your car? RIDCULOUS
26. Something you're not wearing? BRA ;)
27. Favorite store? SMITHS-MARKETPLACE
28. Your summer? SHORT
30. Your favorite color? HOTPINK
31. When is the last time you laughed? AFTERNOON
32. Last time you cried? BISHOP...

Have fun ladies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I once had a Friend tell me that besides her Husband I was one of the only people she could 100% be herself, and not have to worry about what I would think or say or even say after she left! That is one of the those compliments that I really took straight to the heart! Make fun of you I may :) vent to you about someone else of course, But judge you or be shocked at how you choose to live your life I WILL NOT!! Maybe its because i have fallen off the path many times ( let go of the rod if you will) and know what it feels like to have people judge you and wonder why I am doing the things I am doing! I think one of the hardest things for lds people particulary in Utah is Self Rightouseness... I admit there has been many times in my life when I saw someone taking the sacrament or bearing there testimony when I knew that the night before they were participating in things they shouldnot! But quess what ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS I should just be happy that they are there! I remember listening in Relief society some ladies were having trouble with the Sacrament because the 14 year old boy that was passing it had Funky Hair and it was long!!! I wanted to walk over and slap the lady, just be happy that he is there!! Don't worry or be uncomfortable by things you don't understand! Just be happy with your life and the way you are living it!! I know exactly what some people will think when they read this " gosh she sure sounds like she needs to defend herself she must be know she's doing something wrong!" But really its about getting people too wake the Hell up and stop being shocked or uncomfortable with how I choose too live my life!! Its the people who Judge that are Uncomfortable and feel the need to defend themselves not the other way around!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, guys are family just got a bit bigger!!! And all hell has broken loose at the house, but I really am enjoying it! As most of you know Me and Tomas love Dogs, we have had two beautiful dogs a Great Dane named swoop and A Rottwieler named Rahza, and i had to adopt both of them out because we had too move and you know how that goes, but both are doing well, I get emails here and there from the families, it sucked giving them up but I had just had a baby and had to keep them outside, and they hated being in kennels... So anyways here is the story, we were driving up to snowbird to hang with my family and at the 9000 s off ramp this car in front of us swerves and there is this small little dog in the middle of the Freeway, I was like " oh my hell tomas that is a dog!" So, I jump out cars everywhere and grab the little guy it was a yorkie silver, we call the shelter and it was sunday so they were closed so we drive him back to the house pick up some food and leave him in our laundry room till we got home... WEll got home and Reese just loved the little guy chased after him and wanted to play play play, and the little guy was up for it! So we decided that if he didn't have a chip when we took him in on Monday that we would keep him we called our landlady she told us it would be fine just an extra twenty a month. Well took him in and sure enough he had a chip and his owner had called everywhere looking for him, "Rock" had jumped out of his window somehow survived and he had to turn around and by the time he flipped the u and waited for the light we had already got him, he gave us twenty bucks and was like thanks so much... Well, hmmm now what do me and Tomas want yep a damn dog. Oh blah we just laugh but we found one thats perfect.. Another Great Dane and we named Her Swoop as well Swoop Jr! And I love her!!! Reese and Halle love her two she is such a sweet dog already, the potty training is coming along, We have hardwood floors so that makes life so much easier,, We are also potty training Reese so pee is everywhere I feel!! LOL But its making me clean up a lot more!!

So cute!

And we also Finally Got Dori, She is really small and hids lots but when she gets bigger she will start cruising around more!!! Every night Reese says goodnight Dori Goodnight Nemo!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I love this time of year it seems I get too see my extended family more in the summer! WE have been all over northern utah this past bit seeing family...

Jess had her baby little boy Named him Nixon, and he is so teeny tiny, they get big too fast and he has cute red hair just like his cute dad!!! And Reese got a way fun radio flyer tricycle from Kenz she loves it and will have a blast when she is a bit bigger!

And luis got home from the Mission for Chile, and promptly got engaged, didn't want shelbs too get away :) so excited to have her in the family, she waited two long years for him... ( Marylynn I had some pics of you but you said you didn't like your hair, so when you like it I will snagg some pictures of ya!)

And we cruised up to snowbird and hung out more pictures later this is only half of us, I have been going since I was a baby, love it!!! It was Reese and Halle's cousin Hayden's b day and we had cupcakes and fun, Halle loved the Hot tubs there she floated the whole time almost fell asleep!

And then Jess and my Cousin Chelsea had a combined shower wedding and baby and we relaxed and had a fun sun at my aunts!!

And this was just too cute Reese went out and helped dad Mow the lawn! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well everyone who knows me really knows me... KNOWS I am one of the Fiercest Friends they have, I truly care about them and really would give a kidney if I had too!! I also would stoop down to a very immature level and say how I really feel at that moment if an attack was made on one of my friends I agree blogs should be fun and we don't need Drama Tomas is ready to kill me!!! But let me explain myself a little, One of my good friends Miss Taylee Case has a way fun blog you can go read it if you want! Tay talk is Great, well Taylee moved to our small Town of Brigham, A tall skinny, blonde, Determined girl! We became friends right off the bat! :) Well you know how hard it is too be in a small town anyways but be brand new too is even harder... Well she was in Junior High diffrent and new and some girls did not like her at all anyways drama drama between these two girls, Well one day these girls decide to make print ups of Taylee put pictures everywhere on the walls and around the whole school, Saying you could slide down Taylee's nose its so long!!!! And quess what I was there when Taylee was crying and so hurt, more so devestated, I was the only one who show'd up on her birthday to hang out and celebrate!!! And I did nothing then!! This girl Hurt my friend bad, hell they even got in a fight in school, she would not leave Taylee alone. And now ten freaking years or so later she still can't! Gets on her blog and bashes Her! So I yes a MOTHER OF TWO got dirty, told this gal how I felt about her and too leave Taylee and her life the hell alone!! :) But yes blogs should be happy places so maybe I could just beat her up in an ally LOL jk but that is what she said in her post that she wanted to Beat Taylee up in a dark ally cuz she is skinny!!! Brother anyways sorry about the drama but seriously don't think it is okay to ever publicly bash my friends!!! ITs not coming from a place of hate, its coming because I love my Friends very very much!!!! And they all know it! and they are probaly going (oh jayci jayci jayci) :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay so had to vent a tad!! Okay maybe alot, and the subject of my concern is all the servers out there and how crappy it is that there money is going to the Gas Pump!! The economy is at an all time low however Olive Garden and several other major restaurants are Thriving, actually some made more sells than ever! So People are still going out to eat and ALOT!! Restautrants do really well in the east because mot people eat out everymeal or get take out ( and ps if you get take out umm ya leave a tip they have to box up all your food and label it and make sure you have utensils and they run around frantic to make sure you get it when you arrive) BLAH!! anyways the problem is people are tipping less and less because going out is so much fun but they really don't think about the tip till the end and then when they reliaze it, as that little white paper is set on there table Oh crap I forgot the tip part, the server who hopefully worked really hard to make sure you were taken care of is left with maybe two dollars!!!! On probably a thirty dollar ticket! Servers Only make maybe $2.15 an hour thats all, they depend on you to feed there familys and provide the means to just get by! Not only do they make $2.15 an hour but at the end of the night they need to tip out there Bar Tender who makes in a good Restaurant at least 8.00 or higher plus tip and the Bussers who make maybe 5.00 plus tip! Some servers at two weeks Checks are ZERO after taxes and if they donate to the restaurant for family in time of need! At Olive Garden its called Darden Dimes! But most every Restaurant I have worked at has something like that, Uath are the worst Tippers out there! Believe me I don't know what it is but they plain suck, numerous times I would bust my ass on a Family of four kids got the 3 dollar kids meal and the parents split there freaking meal and they all got waters, and they maybe left me three dollars becasue oh that was 10% but quess what Family of Four with all waters, I worked just as hard on the next table next to you, who got two cokes and two entress and left me ten! I probably worked harder filled your waters 4 times each got the free refills that the kids spilled and I will have to crawl under the table to mop up later, sat there for three or four minutes while the parents let the damn kids decide what they want to eat ( no mommie I want the chicken fingers not the hambuger blah blah blah)FREAKING HAVE THE KIDS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT PUHLEEESE!! :) boxed up all your food and tried to do it with a smile as the sugar packets are everywhere and food all over the floor. But okay I best leave them ten percent she was nice and all but the ticket is less than 15 dollars so hmm 1.50 is right!! JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT WATERS DOES NOT MEAN HEY I'LL SAVE MONEY THAT WAY! No the money you save should go to the server she has to work just as hard if that were a seven dollar glass of wine!!! Hell she works harder runnnin back and forth to keep it filled because ( OH MY MY DRINK IS EMTY AND IF SHE ISN'T HERE TO FILL IT UP RIGHT AWAY THEN SHE IS A CRAPPY SERVER ) i am back there trying to get your kids chicken nuggets becuse the kid switched so many times I odrered the wrong thing!!!! I always remeber my dad being a great tipper and my mom always got water and there were four of us crazy kids, but he always did!! Thanks Dad :) And if your wait time is longer than you thought or a hostess was rude or someone looked at you funny, don't take it out on the server tipping less cuz you had to wait longer than you thought, or your food was cooked wrong or silverware was dirty!!Servers already get the heads up that hey this guy is pissed, well great if i don't really work hard I will get nothing and probably nothing anyways, I am coming to my point I understand that most of our extra money is going to the gas pumps and what little extra we have well its nice to get ourselves something but when you go out to eat don't tip simply cuz you can't afford too just don't go! IF you know you can't tip wait a week and save an extra ten bucks so you can tip properly, and Ten percent is really not that good!! it should be 15% Bottom line but don't always base it off how much your ticket is if you just got waters and shared something!! If your not going to agree with me on this that is fine but don't Leave me a post about it!! ;) Just warning you!! loves!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So our Salt water fish tank is going well! So much work that I never kbew went into having a salt water fish tank but we really love it! Reese says good bye and Hello to our little Nemo everyday! And me and Tomas really enjoy watching the tank progress... It'll be a few more months before we can get another fish and some pretty corals, some corals out there are in the hundreds so it will be a long while to we have a beautiful underwater garden which is what me and Tomas both want... I wanted to get all the fish from Finding Nemo but there are some big misconceptions with that movie! I wanted the whole theme, but you would need a huge HUGE TANK to be able to have all those cool fish and you can't have a reef tank with that many fish. We will probably get a dori although she gets pretty big and our tank is only 40 gallons but we will see, also we are going to get a shrimp like "joc" from the movie he is a cleaner shrimp, and we will get a starfish, we can't get "gill" the black one that wants to always escape in the movie he is very hard to maintain, and the blowfish are very aggressive can only be with certian types of fish but the yellow on that goes "bubbles bubbles bubbles we can get him.. But we can only have like three fish in a reef tank so we have too decide! But I really like having the tank but it is a chore and an everday thing, On Mon and Fri I have to add 3 diffrent componets to the water four hours apart and on Tues and Thurs I have to add Vitamins and every two weeks I have to do a water change, take five gallons out and add five new gallons in. And watch for when the water gets low and add some fresh water to top it off! I get my water tested almost everyother day just for the beginning to make sure my tank won't crash! YA LOTS TOO DO!!! But know what I enjoy it! :) Here are a few pics!

Here is our little Nemo, he always stays in the darn corner for now as soon as we can get him some friends and some ananemone to play in he will venture around the whole tank... He knows when feeding time is everyother day and he always swims right up to my hand when I put some food in for him ;)

We have about eight crabs in there right now and they are very helpful with the live sand and live rock they eat the bad algae that collects on the rocks, I hope these two are just playing cuz if they want to move into a new shell they eat whatever is in the shell they want :)

We have five snails wich are vital to the tank they really are great little cleaners and suck off tons of bad things that are not suppose to grow but they leave the things like corals and good bacteria there! Note if you have a salt water tank get a few snails they work wonders!

These are our small coral Frags, they will start growing and become very pretty, if your going to get way into the corals you wanna start with some small frags and see how they do, one of ours is dong great the other hasn't opened yet.

ONE DAY!!! Ya this tank is amazing it is a little bit bigger than ours! And there is probably FIVE GRAND worth of corals and fish, one of the corals in there near the top is 900 bucks alone! insane.. I would love to have a tank this amazing but I can't see myself spending that kind of money on a fish tank... Now on a kick ass vacation yes! But still it would be nice to come home to that everyday!

Oh and Ps while I was making this post, Tomas text'd me and Nicole Richie is eating at the Olive Garden with her cute baby Harlow!! Cool Huh, I know she is kinda crazy but she always made me laugh! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What a day! Today we went to the Funeral for little Maria Menchaca, Tomas worked with her father, he was the culinary assistant and worked two forty hour week jobs to support his beautiful family and it has been really sad to see something like this, The funeral was in spanish but it was really special to be there and know that little Maria is in Heaven... I hugged and Kissed Reese and Halle alot more tonight!

And then we went to Jayclyn's 7th birthday.. It really made me think how precious life is to go to a funeral for a 7 year old and then to a 7 year olds Birthday which was so much fun, it was at the park PIZZA WATERBALLONS AND FAMILY :) Forgot my darn camera though dang it! Happy B day Jayclyn we love you!

And then the crazy News Tomas's unit was put on HIGH ALERT the other day! The first time he went they went on High alert and was read a letter and the next drill he found out he was getting deploy'd... He got put on High Alert a few months ago but no letter just was told our unit is on High Alert don't leave utah! Well the other day the phone call came and the letter was read and he has to go to drill on Sunday and we really feel that its his time to go again! I can't really talk about it just yet without crying but I can blog about it and cry on my keyboard! The first time was hard yes but I was barly married and just went shopping and had a job and he came home early because he was injured!! This time will be so much more harder! I really don't think I have the strenghth to be a mother by myself I need Tomas I can't sleep when he gets home late, I can't wait till he comes home, And Reese just lights up when daddy comes home... I don't think I can deal with this.. But we will see on Sunday if he has to go for sure but Tomas really feel that its his time to serve again!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well what a fun 4th of July! This is was such a busy time, Gabe and Kish and the girls Drove down from Texas to celebrate with us! Luis came home from his mission, it was the 4th and then Reese's Bday! ITs been go go go for the last few days! Jess had her baby Today so we are going to meet Little Nixon when Tomas gets off work! So excited, and Jayclyn's Bday is on wed! There has been a lot of Driving to and fro! I HATE GAS PRICES!!! I was talking to Amy telling her how I have gone over my gas budget and I have been combing thru the house for change almost got ten buck yay lol!

So for the 4th Tomas worked the morning shift and then Gabe and Kish and girls came down for a Sleep over and to watch the fireworks. We went to Red Lobster, I am not the biggest fan of seafood but it was alright I got the aztec chicken and it was good, then we headed over to the fireworks in sugar house there were so so many people it was Packed! The fireworks were great! But then we literally had to stay in the parking lot for almost two hours after because of the traffic and I lost my keys ya left them at the Restaurant, and Tomas ran up there and the doors were locked, I was freaking OUT... a locksmith and new key "YA WE DON'T HAVE A BLOODY SPARE" would have been over three hundred but this lady that was sitting in her car overheard me and Tomas freaking out, can't you just see it me and Tomas getting all heated trying to find the stupid keys :) well she overheard and called Red Lobster and Tony the General Manager who happens to be Channa's brother in law so I know him real well was still there and he had tried calling me telling me he had them, so got the keys went home put all the girls down and we didn't go to sleep till almost three! But so Fun!

The next morning we were all up by nine and Me and Tomas gave Reese her presents from us and Halle... kelc and aburi and jayclyn were all excited about her presents and very helpful while Reese was opening them, ya it always crappy when you see someone else getting all these fun things.. :) and then we had some Breakfast and chilled until the party..

Reese had a great little Party I got these cupcakes from SO CUPCAKE and they were great and pretty, she got some great stuff! Grandma Astrid spoiled her for sure! And the rest of Tomas's family got her some great stuff, a bubble mower, a baby doll with a stroller and a inch worm to cruise around on, princess outfit, tons of stuff.. We had a bbq and ate our little hearts out! :)

Then we drove down to north ogden and went swimmming at George and Jo's and had a blast Halle does well in the water I am glad she stay'd in for over an hour ;) and then we had some dinner and when it got dark Adi put on a firework show he makes an annual trip to Wyoming ;) and We stay'd up way too late again and had a sleep over at the chinos, Tomas had to go back to work poor guy so he missed Little Christan getting blessed! The girls were crazy during sacrament its always harder without Tomas at church with me. It was a nice Sunday...

Can't believe my Daughter is 2 now its crazy she is picking up so many new things and has such a great energy and is very sweet girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REESE! :)