Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Holy Hell!!!!
2 stories.
I was at the Social Security Building, which is pure hell anyways... I had to wait almost 2 hours too be seen and its just chairs and hard floors! 20 minutes in the girls were done! I tried my hardest too keep them happy and entertained but it really wasn't working and then some women that works there coame up to me and said "umm we have guests could you please control your children!" I was in shock! Tears came up immediately but I manage to say some biting remark and get done with it!!

Then later that day, I was at Maverick and ran into pre pay for my gas, I could see my car the whole time, I was in the gas station for 30 sec tops! And some Lady is standing by my car i come up too it and she says "what kind of mother are you, to leave your kids alone in a car" Again Shock!

When did women think it was okay to judge another mother instead of maybe helping her out! You think its better to bitch her out and say she's a bad mother then too, offer to hold a crazy child, or maybe just keep your eye on the car for her!! Geez! I really want to slap some women for forgetting what its like to have small children or thinking its okay too tell her to control her children!!!

Anyways Mothers day was good went and visited the Family and the Clydesdale's and swung by the Case's! Morgan gave Reese this little white tiger and she loves it!!!

Halle and Nixon are at the same stages of development, so cute to watch them walk around. Well nixon is doing great. Halle is still wobbling and crawling.
Cody and Nix
Hansens ;)
So cute!!!
We missed you Tomas.

Tomas is doing good here are some pictures of the Happenings in California!

Steph moved in with me! She is my co worker from Flemings she needed a cheap place, so I said come live with me while Tomas is gone, Rent free and help me with my girls and the cleaning. It has worked out really nice! Anyways we went into eat with Melinda and her super sweet husband Brandon and then hit the town! Good Times...

Little Photo shoot before we went out! lol

Ah work!
Melinda and Brandon

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Was a good time too see this post Miss Aims...
And this is in no particular order.

1. Sleeping In
2. Sound of Reese and Halle laughing at each other in the bathtub
3. Hot Hot Showers
4. Halle's noise when she kisses you.
5. A manicured Lawn on a poor Home and Street.
6. A letter just to say hello in the Mail
7. Tomas's weight on top of me when we cuddle,kiss,make love.
8. Goosebumps I get from listening to music, with good lyrics
9. Great ambiance with low lighting in a Restaurant.
10.Reese's 2 year old talk.

SO there is my positive...
What a blah day today! I'm still in my pj's and its almost 6. The tv has been on not all day but pretty damn close. I've been sick and yesterday it hit me real hard and today, even my teeth hurt, I just wanted to nap, sleep, relax, But with little ones thats out of the question! ITs harder I think when you are sick then when they are sometimes!
Anyways today I've felt one of those lost days! And its funny because I saw this while I was surfin and I just cracked up ps (if your needing a good laugh go to Laci's DAVIS Blog) made my day, but okay I'm wondering just about life in General How we end up where we do! Choices we've made good and bad, all bringing us to today! I really believe in living in the Present, because you might not be around tomorrow, so I don't like saying tomorrow I will change or do things differently! I am for sure someone who lives in the Moment, thats not always a good thing according to some but its how I roll? So if this is it Handy Manny playing in the background, Reese sitting 1" away from the tv, told her 100 times too scoot back but I've surrendered that battle today! HAlle rolling around a potato, ya looked too see what she is doing and there she is potato in hand, hmmm where the hell did that come from! House is a mess, from a day of lounging and playing with toys! Hey I made muffins this morning Blue Berry and they were fabulous! And being so sick my teeth hurt I am Happy with this moment! But Desperately missing my Husband! So back to wondering about life in General, how can I be comletley content with my life but in that same breath not be??? I can't seem to wrap my head around that today! Is that a balance, Not too happy not too sad! ( Umm J your not making any sense) sorry but like I said one of those lost days! Am I Happy Hell ya! Am I sad Hell Ya! Hmmm Maybe should just stop questioning things and just ride! BUt yet again Ride till I crash, get lost, stumble onto a beautiful place, If someone knows happiness and sadness in the same breath please any enlightenment?????

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well The Hubby left!!!!
And the next day sucked bad, but today I am feeling a lot better.
Here are the girls saying good night too Tomas, Halle really got it and was so excited too have her dad read too her.. Reese is still a bit confused but will understand as time passes I think!!!

We went up to PARK CITY!

Nate and Paige bought a time share at the west gate hotels, and we went up to celebrate her birthday. With the peeps!

Hanging out before everyone got to the hotel. Keri G.

We went swimming and then tomas and ty AND nate all hopped in the shower, it was so funny, I just had to get a picture.

Getting ready too go to the club Harrios! Ya me and Tomas were a little Hyper lol!
Tomas and Jeremy!
Tyler being his hot self
Jermey and Laura Ann..
Me and Tomas umm ya. ;)
I just love him
Paige and Kenz
Sexy in the City
Okay Kenzie Freaking looks so hot, I love this picture of her posing. Beautiful, did I mention her and Kyle are getting Married IN HAWAII!!!
Me and Paage
Tomas and Paige..
So they have these Go Go dancers there and they have too wear these huge furry boots and me and paige kept calling them Clydesdale's because they looked like huge Clydesdale feet.

Tomas jumped up on stage and started dancing with the gals and the bouncer booted him right off, we were all cracking up..

Nate got Paige a private table there so only our party could go in and it was nice we got too sit and relax and watch everyone.Jared and Tyler
Keri and Jar stealing a sweet moment, amongst chaos.
Ya the ladies love my husband!!! They were on a scavanger hunt and had too find a guy named Scott and of course tomas yells,"i'M SCOTT"
Kenz and Kyle

Clubbing in da Club

IT was such a fun night!

Oh and Jessi is getting married to a wonderful guy named Brent, the girls just love him! Congrats Jet!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


MAN ALIVE I FREAKING LOVE 80'S DANCING, has too be one of my top 10 favorite things too do! And I love it when Tomas comes with. We really dance the whole night away!! LOVE IT! If you have never been I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! It's a Blast!
Took these with my phone.. Crimped hair baby, oh but my hair is in nasty shape the next day, I am sitting here with Gobs of Conditioner on :)
Tomas wore a Gostbusters shirt, it was cute.
Hott Lady!!! Her suspenders broke dammitt when we were dancing I loved em.
Nate and Paige!!!
These two clowns, we didn't get home till like 2, and they both got up and went too work!

Grandma Astrid bought the girls these balls, and they both absolutely love them! We roll those things around for hours..

Reese was getting ready to go dancing with us!!!

Aunt Karlie stopped by on her way up to H town for a quick visit, her and Jess went too this Zamba dancing work out class today, I think 80's dancing is better lol!

Paige just had her B day and we are Celebrating in Park City, but blah we saw that the Swine Flu is over there, kinda sucks because we've already made reservations for dinner and all got Hotel Rooms... So please bless we don't get ILL!! Freak.