Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Friends and The Gardens :)

Me and and an old Friend Got together Kati Miller now Baxter, and took our kids to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point and that place is amazing.. Me and the Girls had such a fun time and my camera died right at the start so there was much cool things that we saw and did.. Kati brought her two boys Hyrum and Paul Reese loved em, having some friends too play with is her favorite thing... And it was so nice to catch up with Kati and chat about the good ole days of swimming and Box Elder High! Oh HEll ")

Reese and Hyrum rolling down this beautiful Hill!

Huge Waterfalls!

Throwing Rocks was for sure the Highlight of the day.

Halle jay was in the stroller pretty much the whole time and she spit up all over herself and me when we stopped for lunch so Hal hung out Naked the rest of the day! She is getting so chubby I love it.

We had such a nice time and can't wait too go back.. But for sure need to bring the sunscreen.. Reese was a tomatoe the nexy day! But luckily she got her mothers side skin and the next day instead of peeling it turned Tan. :) Thanks Kati so much fun catching up and enjoying the sun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I had a pretty Crappy Emotional day today and part of it is I am going thru a bit of Post partum Depression! Not crazy just have my days I suppose, two babies sure is tuff a lot harder then I thought. And I have been trying like crazy to get on some kind of routine ya know, eat healthy, gym, babies, playtime, naps, cleaning, cleaning up after the girls, Laundry oh that DAMN laundry! make dinner, sweep and I always fall short it seems latley... well tonight Halle is over sleeping it right now so I was of course dinking around on the computer and stumbled across this FLY LADY SYSTEM THIng! OH MY WORD! It is excatly what I am looking for.. And I am starting it Tommorrow shiny sink here I come! I am Hanging in there! And excited to give this a real shot.. :)

"If you are not taking care of yourself; you are not going to be able to take care of your family and show them the value of routines." ~ FlyLady

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So anyone that really knows me.. knows that I am not the best at cleaning, I am in a word Lazy! I have stepped up lots since getting married and becoming a mother, but I cannot CANNOT! for the life of me keep up with my laundry! It just piles and piles and piles! and before I know it I don't know whats clean and whats dirty and its just everywhere... And with four of us now its like impossible.. Halle is a spit up baby, she goes thru like 5 outfits a day and Reese get hers dirty as well, Me I am in sweats all the time! LOL and Tomas is going to start taking his stuff to the dry cleaners. LoL cuz his dear wife can't iron ( i had one brother and he didn't live with me, I don't know how to get a damn crease in the shirts or pants!) So sad :( But people say just do one load at a time.. well ok but then there is the folding, and then there is the putting away, and then there is reese pulling all that you've put away onto the floor again. Its helpless.. Thanks for letting me Vent! :)

Ya all those clothes there need to be washed still blah!

And these clothes are the waiting to be folded fresh out of the dryer!

And here is the laundry thats folded and need to be hung up ! LOL

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Now don't get me wrong I really do love Salt Lake I never thought I would love the city as much as I do... But the crime down here is so so close! On Mon there was a murder on 1300 S. and 2nd E! So close and every morning when I watch the news its always at least within ten block of my house! I know crime is everywhere and you just need to be smart and lock your home and cars. But really I get a little freaked out sometimes.. Tomas has always been here when A creepy guy comes too the door looking for someone or a job so I know someone is looking out! :) But I really like the city just need to be in maybe a better part of town!

Friday, April 11, 2008


So me and Tomas and the girls are going to the casting call for Deal or no Deal here is SLC tommorow! :) Funny huh, but why the heck not, we went and put some chairs down and have been taking shifts since friday morning.. There is suppose to be 5 thousand people show up.. We are 7th in line! Yay, I am dressing the girls up in there easter dresses and I spray painted little lunch boxes SILVER and I am putting numbers on it! SO WISH US LUCK.. If you do maybe I will take you on a fabulous cruise when I win! LoL