Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I just had to do a quick blog about my friends Husbands!! THey are amazing... So glad that through my friends I have met them. I also have great Brother in laws and so thankful for there support! Anyways guys thank you thank you for everything!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Tomas is passed out on the couch, swoop is squashed on the other end, Reese passed out on the floor, Halle is taking her nap and the house is Splendid in its discord! Seinfeild is on the tv and wingers takeout is right where i left it!! Having my family all here sleeping is a comfort I hope I don't ever take for Granted! I am already dreading the airport tommorrow! Tomas just cancelled his cell phone and that was a huge thing I will miss. To have tomas in my bed, to have his weight on me, his smell, his laugh, his shaving cream spots on the mirror! Blah Even the girls sleep better knowing daddy is just upstairs! Going day by day is my plan! And today is Faboulous day! Anyways keep me on your speed dial next week I'll need ya! Tomas isn't sure when he will be able to make contact!!!
On a lighhter note!!! HOT HOT SEX GUYS, best i've had thus far lol! Chan, jen thats for you!! lol

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey hey starngers...
I have not died! Promise been without the internet for a bit. Decided to spend my comcast payment on massages for me and Tomas! HA.. He comes home on Sat and I cannot CANNOT WAIT!!! Me and the girls are so excited! We are going to party it up the whole 4 days he is home!! Things are going good with us, I still love Flemings and swoop is still alive!!! Been going to parks with Rats, Alisha was freaking out but channa was there to beat them away with sticks.. Been going to the bloody luandry matt! that Blows but laundry gets done super quick! Had artic circle for dinner on a laundry basket at the laundry matt!!! YA so white trash!! Love it! Anyways! Been going out with Friends and spending time with the girls! Jens baby charlie is adrorable, kristina is getting married, Jared and keri moved into there beautiful new home, jessie got married! My hair is back blonde again and super super short! Amy saved the day!! Will post pictures soon promise! Anyways miss the internet terribly! Haven't been able to keep up with the Gossip and such!!! Emimen and Mariah anyone!!! Love his song!!! Don't worry its three songs down! But hope all is well out there you guys i'm thinking of ya and every chance I get too the internet I see the goings on!! MUAH lata skatas