Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I went to the hospital and got induced around 7 and I had Halle at 12:30 :) 7 pounds 1 ounce. And she is perfect such a sweet little girl.. Here is Tomas cutting the ambilical cord. Pretty gooey blue baby.

Our Doctor, Doc Fergeson he is the reason we stayed in Brigham. We really liked him, and I liked delivering at Brigham the nurses were great. And we were the only ones there the first night.


Reese was really great at the hosptial. She kinda just stared at Halle for a bit but she held her and gave her kisses and since we have been home the poor thing has been real sick but is doing very well with me having to hold halle all the time and she has just been getting lots of extra attention from Tomas.

First time as a Family. :)

Such a sweet girl.. She did so well with breastfeeding latched right on. However they are killing me now so ripped up! Blah

Tomas Is such a great dad and husband he as been takin care of all us gals. Th cleaning, cooking and taking care of Reese pretty much all by himself. Letting me nap and being so sweet. Thanks baby ")


She really doesn't look a thing like Reese. And she has so much black hair.. We can't really tell who she looks like yet but she has my nose for sure..

Lets hit the Road! by the way she screamed when she had to get into the car seat. I can't believe how small babies are.. And she is so so petite.


So the hospital food was just awful! Really not good. I probably had 20 little cans and a crap load of graham crackers! thank you thank you Channa and Kass and my Family for bringing me food! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


So I am getting induced on Monday morning at 6 am finally. I will be 39 weeks and 4 days and I am dilated too a 3! So hopefully this delivery will be like that the last one. Cake :) I went from a 4 to a 10 in twenty six mins!! But today I am super emotional, actually I have been way emotional this whole week. :( But today Reese grabbed my face with her two sticky little hands and gave me a kiss. And a hug. And I started crying. I can barley hold her now but I sat her on my lap and just hugged her and cried. its wierd that she won't be my main girl anymore it will never be just us too and as excited as I am for her to have a little sister, I will miss it being just me and her. ps she is doing so well in her new toddler bed. She loves her new room to death :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


SoI went into False labor last week and the anticipation of not having her is really messing with my head. When you think something is coming and it doesn't its just awful to sit around and wait. I have been having some pretty tense contractions for about a week and I have reached my limit! I am dilated to about a three and the other night I had HAD IT! So I got online and started searching for natural ways to induce labor and stumbled across the Castor Oil! I read over several pros and cons and decided against it! But not for long the next day after being up all night with these so called "contactions" that were getting me nowhere I decided to take action! I pounded 4 tablespoons of the stuff with coke! Its nasty like vaseline. Then I was on the toilet all night long with some major contractions and nothing! nada zip...... So for me it didn't work! When this little gal is ready she will come I suppose :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With the new baby almost here we decided to get Reese at least thinking about getting out of diapers! We also bought her a new toddler bed and So she is moving out of the crib here pretty soon! I can't believe my baby is almost TWO!

Tomas had army this weekend so we packed up and went and hung out in Honeyville! :) Reese has two new cousins as well, Kenzie got engaged last week and his name is Mike and he has two cute little kids and they are Maddie and Hayden. Reese loves having the company so for the mitchell family we are getting four new grandkids under two this year. Cuz I am prego and so is Jess! :) Ps I went into false labor Sat Night went to the hospital and everything but my contractions which were five minutes apart for like 5 HOURS!! Didn't do a thing. I am so Ready to have this baby! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Six things You Don't know about Me! ( I am an open book most people know it all)

1. I am Obsessed with LimeWire :) Tomas gives me crap about it all the time cuz he thinks it causes Vires's, and that your not buying the music although I have bought Limewire Pro for twenty bucks Once. So there! Before Reese was born I really would sit on the internet and download music for hours still do it.. Maybe not hours anymore!

2.I had a real hard time near the end of my senior year with living at home.. Anyone remember my 9 or 10 o clock curfew! Blah On Weekends too! So I Graduated on a Fri and was moved out by Noon Sat Morning.. With My best Bud Channa. But looking back I was a tough kid so I know me and Tomas are in for it with our two Daughters.. He wasn't the best kid either. :)

3. I have been fired from almost every job I have had! Wow thats sad. Thats why I make a great stay at home mother! :) Reese can't fire me yet! I was just more worried about friends and giving away free food and stuff darn it! I would really get fired from a job and on my way home have a new one..

4. I lived on the beach for two days when I moved out to Hawaii all by myself.. I decided I was bored with my life and needed a change my mom worked for the airlines and provided me with free airfare so I picked Hawaii cuz it was warm and moved out 5 days later! Got a job as a cocktail waitress and made some mad money out there. Really my biggest tip was like three hundred bucks on one table!

5. I have wrecked every White Car I have ever Owned! Which is three. And I shouldn't say I have wrecked I was hit by others everytime.. My first White little Eagle summit, smashed into by a ford that didn't see me T boned! Second A semi Truck was looking out towards a fire and didn't see that traffic had slowed down and Rammed right into the back of me. I was talking to Kassie and she heard me scream and the phone went dead and like the awesome friend she is hopped in her car and hunted me down.. Third Driving fifty thru an intersection and some old old man, freaking idoit didn't yield well enough and BAM crashed right into me, that was the day Tomas left for Iraq it was a bad day!

6. Found out my husband was being deployed to Iraq for 18 months while I was getting fitted for the wedding dress I was married in.. I was seriously standing in front of all the fancy mirrors the lady was zipping me up my mom was playing with the train and my phone rang, it was tomas I was all hi babe quess what I am wearing and he tells me to sit down and lets me know the great news.. We were married within a week, and he left three weeks later.. Nuts!

Well there ya go! :) I am going to tag Amy, everyone else has been tagged! Sorry Aims but lets hear the dirt! LOL

So we went to get our taxes done and it was freezing cold and 8 at night,got out to the car and it wouldn't start We have a wonderful little Sephia Kia!(Not Stick Channa lol). Well apparently this had happened to Tomas already. So he said we just gotta shake the battery well he tried shakin it and nothing it wouldn't start, mine and Reese's noses were turning red so I said tommorrow we will take the battery and get it fixed! Well we don't know anyone in Slc really yet at least well enough to call for a ride so the next morning at 8 am we got all bundled up and walked to the good year the walk there was fine about 20 blocks,cold but the sun was out and Reese seemed to enjoy the walk, well got too good year and the guy said the battery was just fine and it was probably our starter! yay only 500 bucks to fix that. Tomas was so mad! Well on the walk home I really started having contraction after contraction.. And really couldn't walk anymore! My thighs were like numb and My stomach was so tight!! I told Tomas we need to sit down right now! Guys don't understand ya know he's like we are only a few blocks till were home and I was like do you want me to have this baby right now!! Luckily I tried calling my mother Astrid and had left her a message and she came down and just happened to pass us on the side of the road! :) How lucky! I really would have been in trouble. Took the car to Good Year and the battery wires were shot and that was the problem only Sixty Bucks! Thank Heavens. I hate Car problems and they always happen in the freezing cold or when you need your car the most! I am in Love with the Dodge Avenger and it would seat two car seats and groceries perfectly in the back! So spacious and nice! If I didn't want more kids or swore that I would not go into extreme debt for a Vehicle that is what I would be driving! Geez they are So Great! But the Kia is eh okay too! :) So glad that I didn't have my baby on the damn side of the road! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am not really a fan of either team this year, so I go with the Hottest Quaterback and its Brady Hands down. :) So go Patriots! But I am excited for all the commercials they are always so funny. I also heard that too get a commercial during the superbowl cost in the millions! Geez!