Sunday, March 30, 2008


So okay Tomas is at work till one tonight.. and its eleven and I have started rereading the Twighlight Series again, its almost my third time, I really really love this story the whole thing.. I get drawn into a world of Remebering what it was like when me and Tomas first fell in love!But I was surfing the web trying to find when the new book is coming out and when the movie is, by the way it December 12th So I know Channa will be there and me lets all us twighlight fans go together! But I found these incredibly hott!!!!!!!!! Photos! The book needed more sexual tension like these pics I tell ya! LoL but enjoy. I know I did!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Reese had her first dentist appt today and all her teeth but the back Molars are in and thank goodness they are all straight and the dentsit said that they were very white. So I don't see braces in her future! Yay!

Uh what are they plannin on doing with all these pointy things mom?

She kept on getting into evrything and pulling out cotton things and fluoride and napkins a dentist office is a field day for a toddler tons of fun things too grab.

Getting her teeth looked at by Dr. Romney! He was a great pediodontist, Reese liked him. And he had a calming voice helped her relax.

And then she got to pick a prize for being such a good girl, she got a cute little car.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here are the fun Easter Baskets me and Tomas got for the girls! Reese had so much candy but we cut her off real quick, she was pinging off the walls for a bit there.


Little Sweet Halle, she slept for most of the day :) ps she is a month today

I am so cute!

Where is the Candy? That grass got everywhere I am sure I will be finding it around the house for awhile.

The spring dresses, Anf on an Easter Egg Hunt, Reese was so cute che kept bringing the eggs back to Halle.

And this is when we had too go inside, Ummm ya way too much Candy!

Tomas got a Longboard for Easter, and he is acutally pretty good. He rides to work now, and he loves it! I think he looks way hott in his work clothes when he rides, however not so hot when he falls, you should see his arm. Fell Pretty hard. Lol

Coloring Easter Eggs with Grandma, it really didn't work Reese kept cracking the eggs and putting them in all the colors so most turned out brown, but it was fun.

And this is the funniest thing all day I looked outside and here is this guy getting arrested and having too walk the line and lift his leg, ya he was wasted, Welcome too Salt Lake Some guy going to Easter Sunday Drunk, Well later that day me and Tomas went to pick up some take out and there is this letter on our car, it was an accident report, the guy that I saw was being arreseted because he hit our car. LoL And I watched him getting in trouble little did I know it was because he hit our car! But We had a great Easter at the Chino House! ")

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So last night was a ruff night for Halle she just didn't want to go back to sleep and me and Tomas were getting so so tired, and a little frustrated with eachother as she just cried and cried, and I was kinda having a pity party for myself.. You don't mean to do that but when its 3 am and your tired and just plain worn out and nothing you offer to your baby is helping you start asking yourself why me. Well I was blog hopping today and found this story and just cried, here I have not one but two Beautiful, healthy baby girls who are so sweet and I just took a min to thank god for all the many many great things that I have, and to thank him for the nights I have to stay up comforting my babies.

Okay I way struggled to put this video on so its the top one under 99 ballons the one with the little baby Eliot, Please watch this. These Parents are amazing and it will give you strength to get thru your day!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well me and the girls had a fun day.. Just chilled, woke up and made some fun green waffles for breakfast and then made cupcakes! I am not a good icing decorater at all. LOL There was a parade down here yesterday, and then a ton of protesters evrywhere, and lots of dudes in skirts :) I am sure Downtown will be hoppin I however will probably be in bed. I am getting some better sleep but still up feeding Halle and getting her back to sleep. Reese is an angel when it comes to sleeping I am so lucky to have such a good sleeper. Anyways hope some of you out there partied it up for us.. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So one of my bestest friends ever is getting married and pretty much everyone on my blog knows Amy and will probably be at the wedding.. I will be the Bridesmaid breast feeding my baby in the corner come say hi! LOl! Amy has been there for me since Highschool bringing me lunch at the pool with a nice note because I was having a bad day,too sending me card after card just to cheer me up. Amy is the most excotic thing to come out of Brigham! She has the best style uh hello look at her Hubby :) she can wear anything.. I mean anything her hair any color always looks great, in Logan she would help me pull my hair up all the time. I can't count the many times she drove me too work and would take me on a drive and just let me cry.. She has been a huge shoulder to lean on for many years, And I am so happy for her And for Mark, he is so so lucky because she is going to make such a great wife! and mother when the time is right! :)