Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi wow, Been busy sorry I am so behind..
Few updates.

I LOVE MY JOB AT FLEMINGS... IT is such a fun chill classy place! I can't wait till i get a chance to serve there, all the girls and Rob that I host with are super cute and fun. And my managers are super chill but expect you to do your job the best you can! I am lucky to be there, I love getting ready and visiting with people!

Tomas is leaving on the 4th this month and will be gone for training till june! And when he gets back I am having a killer BBQ! Everyone is invited, it'll kind of be a Bon Voyage slash Tomas 26th Bday slash Reese 3rd Bday!!!

Me and Tomas fell asleep cuddling last night and are just preparing to miss each other!
With Zoloft and a good Attitude I think we will survive lol!!!
No, this isn't us I just love this picture and how tight they are holding one another!

Easter was super fun, I had to work at night but we had a fun morning still picking up the Easter grass from there baskets!

Found this close up of my makeup that Amy did! She is so Freaking Talented!

My friend Kristina had to go to the ER she has had some problems with her Pancreas, and I have been visiting her up there with her new umm "boyfriend" ;) I just love her and wish a fast healing!

Anyways I have some SUPER BIG NEWS but as soon as I get all the emails out to go private I will tell ya all! ( no I am not Prego, ARE YA KIDDING ME FOR EVEN THINKING THAT)

We went to Red Robin and had some lunch, I love that place!

My brother Matt had his little son Daxton! He is the cutest thing, and we are so glad to have Whitney and little Dax part of the Family.

We went to Sunday Brunch at The Cheesecake Factory and this was my Sunrise Burrito! Yes mom I am sure your dying! That thing was HUGE! I couldn't even eat 1/4 of it and I was full, it was good, but no wonder we are the fattest country! WHO NEED ALL THAT FOOD REALLY?

Anyways all in all things are just rollin for us down here in SLC! Loving the nice weather, and wanna kill someone when the next day its freezing!!

Umm what else Damn the Jazz!!

Halle can say, Dad, Mom, Ball, Dog, and No! So cute

I am a size 8 Ladies... Holla still got twenty to go!

I miss Taylee Case, haven't talked with her in forever.

Love ya

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ya the Dress. Crazy! I know.... But I had a Blast.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey guys...
So been busy with Family Friends and Parties.. I know tough life right!

Me and Tomas went to the Anniversary Inn this week and went out to eat at the Melting Pot. Keira was so sweet and watched our girls and me and Tomas had a blast!! But best of all we got too SLEEP IN!!!! We didn't wake up till ten and then we had breakfast and went back to bed till noon! It was so Freaking Great.

We hung out with Paige n Nate and Keri n Jared and had a Wild night in the Rain!!! It was pouring that night!!!

My Grandpa passed away last week and although it was pretty tough, it was nice to be surrounded in family and seeing all of my mothers childhood friends and neighbors! His funeral was very sweet and all the grandchildren sang... My Grandma is so strong and our prayers are always with her!
My mom And Grandma at the Graveside..
She was so strong throughout this whole ordeal, very good example for me
My grandma's favorite color is Lavender, and while we were walking to the gravesite, Reese saw this flower (she kinda graverobbed it) but it was so sweet, she picked it up and was like "I want to give this too Grammie"
Karlie and my cute Cousins..
Nixon, Cody and Jess
Scottie and Robbie and me with Nixon
I love you Grandpa!!!!

And Tomas had his big going away party at the Olive Garden, they got him lots of Swag and a cake and it was really nice too see the support he got from his co workers and employees, and his boss! It just showed me what a great worker and boss tomas is! They all love him!!